Men of the Week

A Compendium of Viral Photos

Hey, new stuff posted.
I'm back at it again.

Also new, I just launched a new blog titled "Pure Narcissism - Hot Men Who Know They Are Hot."  It can be accessed at:

"Men of the Week" is a separate website from this one because its focus is decidedly different than this one.

The present website, "Mind of the Exhibitionist," focuses on men who have made the conscious and deliberate decision to expose themselves publicly on the internet, and explores their mindset for doing so.

On the other hand, "Men of the Week" takes a look at photos that have spread virally across the internet. While each person freely put himself in the position of being photographed and consciously took that gamble, they probably did not foresee that their indiscretions would end up in the public domain of cyberspace.

These are two distinct topics, but the line was beginning to blur.  Rather than distract from the main purpose of "Mind of the Exhibitionist," these viral photos are presented on a separate free-standing website that will open in a separate browser window or tab.